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The Inq believes in spreading the knowledge of writing especially with fountain pens and handwriting practices to build the writing culture.

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Greetings dear all!

Writuals Seven day capsule workshop is back again!!!! But this time there’s much more!!!Writuals is a WhatsApp based workshop wherein activities are shared every day on a particular theme to introduce you to writing practices. Still there ? Then read on! 

Writing has been an inseparable element of Human intellect. Thus, writing can enhance your perception of things , organising ability and also can help you in goal settings.

Contents of Workshop

• Wriffirmations– morning and night affirmations.

• Wriconnect – daily one activity of writing practice to connect back with your handwriting.

• Certificate of Participation 

All this on No Active Monotonous Zoom meetings No prolonged digital exposure!

 Energy Exchange– only at price 99!!


Nothing ! Yes nothing! You need no exclusive writing skills. You just need a paper and a pen (preferably a fountain pen … because we love those nibbed beauties) !

Age group: 13 Above 

Registration. Last Day to register is 03 April 21. To Register simple use the link below:-

Until then I hope Writuals assist you in what you seek!!

About the Organiser- Major Nithi CJ ( Retired), Army Veteran, Certified Graphologist 

“With each stroke I analyse in your Handwriting,
I am a step closer to the true You!”

Ten years of my military experience has given me exposure through the diverse spectrum of Information Security and Intelligence Acquisition. And , I know one thing for sure , “ Every piece of information is useful!”

Humans are incredible beings and we might try best to tutor ourselves with certain behavioural habits , the true self is very difficult to be hidden! We communicate before even we speak!

And that’s where the handwriting also becomes crucial! My experiences as graphologist has only taught me that “Your handwriting is a biometric imprint of your subconscious self!”

Thus, I am Wripurposepreneur on a mission with my tiny venture The Inq, to assist people in exploring the true potential of their handwriting and repurpose into a life tool! Do you want me to be part of your journey? Connect with me at Let’s Inkk your Life Goals!!

Workshops Completed

Special Free Master class for women and girls! Learn simple tips ans tricks for enhancing your writing skills, improve legibility of handwriting and using fountain pens! Click on the link below for bookings!

Reflections Workshop

A self assessment workshop to inculcate a writing writing routine. This three days workshop looks into addressing anxiety, fear and uncertainties using writing practices. The first workshop was conducted from 19 Feb 21 to 21 Feb 21.

Young Blooms Workshop

A handwriting enhancement workshop for children to develop motor skills and handwriting practices . Young Blooms Workshops are conducted during school vacations. Two workshops were held in summer 2020.

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