The Inq Services

At The Inq , we customise the counselling based on the handwriting analysis and individual requirements. However, to make it easier for you to choose here are certain available offers. Please book your appointment as per your preference.

Before booking your appointment, kindly read the guidelines for writing the sample carefully.

Quick Live Handwriting Analysis

Holi cannot be better !! Get a quick 30 minute online session wherein live handwriting analysis is carried out by Nithi CJ. Get a quick insight into your handwriting and personality ! This is suitable for people with specific issues to tackle that is , professional, personal, emotional or studies. Avail this limited offer till 31 March 21.

For Let’s Talk Quick Analysis

Inqologic- Detailed Handwriting Analysis

A complete detailed analysis of your handwriting with identifying enhancement areas and logical solutions to subconsciously pressing issues.

For Detailed Analysis

Let’s write our own future!

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