Written exercises and group activities are a great way to reflect upon yourself… Wriflections has been a comprehensive session designed for close groups to discuss, analyse and reflect apt life solutions, meditative and sensory practices ..Of course with the tang of Yoga.

Testimonials on Workshops and Guidance sessions

“Teacher and certified counsellor.”

Rati Ahuja, New Delhi

“It was a fantastic reflection workshop, really retrospective and introspective. I need to reflect to move ahead. Thanks a lot Nithi.”

Parminder Kaur, Linguistic Coach, Mumbai

“Thank you so much Nithi, loved attending the workshop and will be attending more.”

Akanksha Sadekar, Entrepreneur, Pune

“Great workshop, amazing coach and beautiful activities.. touched my heart.”

Palak Gianchandani, Homemaker, Jodhpur

“Loved attending Nithi’s workshop and found it extremely useful. The little things shared therein were brimming with positivity and hope. I plan to inculcate these into my life and observe the changes I can make within myself.”

Delshad, Armed Forces Veteran, Theatre Artist

“Loved the session. It gave me a lot of clarity to understand my own thoughts and feelings.”

Bharti, Entrepreneur, Mumbai

“My quest for knowledge and wisdom intensified by attending this workshop. I also marveled my mentor Nithi’s approach towards handling emotions and depth of the subject. It was certainly a wise investment for someone’s who’s looking to gain wisdom.”

Seema Virani Kholiya, Writer