Daisies- The heart of a Soldier

“They symbolise innocence, purity , and positivity.” – Web

The world outside his or her olive greens is overwhelming for the soldier whether he or she walks into the world either as a mortal or simply as a bodiless soul. The world looks so new, like a new leaf.

When I stepped out of the boots , I felt I was in some time machine. Everyone was so in their hustle , and me scuttling to catch up with them in vain. CoVID came as a rescue (yes seriously!).

When I was making attempts to hold the sand in my hand, the world had to come to a standstill. This might sound so selfish but it was not just my wish but heart of heart of every soul on this planet. Everything was fast, and that made it senseless, just like a fast driven car repelling all the breeze that could have been felt by you, but the speed fades away your senses… or May be like a bottle of spirit that distances you from yours…You forget to feel.

The numbness of ourselves was the most dangerous thing that had happened to the mankind because of the gadgets. We preferred touching screens then souls..

But lockdown came as a blessing in disguise (though the most horrific one, almost a lesson learnt in the hardest possible way). We realised (at-least few of us) that the gadgets can’t appease you for long. You need people !! Real people! And this was something we Soldiers are good at handling ,people vis-a-vis Facebook pages.

When you speak it’s not just words , it’s your eyes that talk.. and when that’s not happening, the conversation is just another boring chat. The satiation comes only when the soulful self of two people connect and this depends on the depth of your eyes and your thoughts. Just like the purity of the daisies.

Our uniform takes through numerous moments of life and death few mortal and few mental. And in these moments we learn to touch people with utmost purity , innocence and optimism so that all that the other person receives is humaneness in its purest state. Soldiers connect not to be forgotten but at some point of life be remembered as a beautiful flower that brought smiles!

Resonate with what you relate to…

When was the last you walked to the top of hill and screamed in the valley that lay below, only to find your voice as an echo?

Resonance is a very interesting phenomenon… if you read the concept you would realise. It’s more than just sound…

“It is defined as the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighbouring object.”

– Definition from the Internet

The interesting part is the synchronised vibration with the neighbouring object is not possible until both commensurate with each other..

In the world of virtual bonding , and the increasing desire for approval, we are somehow losing on connecting with people whom we relate to. Likes, dislikes in the virtual world may give momentary happiness but what about eternal solace?

“The one who socialises mindlessly , is the most lonely person.”

-Nithi CJ

With socialising becoming a trend more on our devices, we have forgotten to connect with anyone on an aim beyond few drinks and few bites. In just few minutes of any gathering, we see the dissipation of focus into individual handsets. What about the conversations and the connections you desire to create with the like minded?

It is important to select your company in such a manner… and express only to them who understand and relate; and are sensitive to your thoughts. Casual hangouts can only ‘hang’ you ‘out’ momentarily from your actual self, but the question is how long can you keep hanging?

Won’t it be better if you could resonate with someone whom you relate?

Wriflections 101: Shape of letters

There is so much that the mere shape of your letters can reveal! Does this intrigue you? Well read on for more surprises.

When we talk of different shapes and sizes of handwritings it is explained further in this article

Small sized writing. The average size of a handwriting can be understood as one fitting between the top and bottom line of one row in a singled line notebook. Small sized writing are people who are focused on their goals but not a larger picture of things. They’re detail oriented and often experts in their own fields.

Large letters. These people are eccentric and contribute to society both through activities and financial contributions but this is focused with the purpose of being relevant in the society.

Very tiny letters. These people are humbled souls and their strength is their humility. But in truth they’re the people silently contributing to development of a society or nation building.

Round letters. These people are organised and cleanliness conscious. These people create very organised environments in both work and personal life.

Illegible overlapping letters. These people have stacked up to many things at once and this is the reason that they are often confused and decision making is difficult.

So which kind of a writer are you?

Tell me in the comments section.

Disclaimer no trait in isolation can be a deciding factor for an individual’s personality. Please don’t apply the knowledge sharing beyond self application as that needs deeper graphological assistance.

What your Handwriting says about you?

An interesting live interaction wherein Simona Mates , Strategic Consultant queries about handwriting analysis.

Queries by Simona

How do you feel about handwriting ?
Do you ever write by hand anymore?
Do you hate to hand write?
Does it help you to remember?
Do you write for the therapy of it?
Do you use it often? Or never at all…?

Simona Says,” I am a handwriting LOVER! And I believe that it’s still vital and important and WORTH using our handwriting for lots of reasons!” Glad to have had this interesting conversation with her.

Connect with Simona Mates through Instagram https://instagram.com/simonamatesofficial?igshid=eue1zgoa1wv0

Watch the entire video here https://youtu.be/zRTtFxmnNt4

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