Majorly Talks is my podcast show where I bring stories from different genres of different people but one thing common.. they all have found their life’s purpose!!! Our life’s purpose can be a profession or a passion and for few both. Our hobbies and interests help us find our passion. But the challenge these days is to have one !!! Are you yet to figure it out??? Are you looking for an inspiration, some motivation, some guidance!!! Listen to the journeys of our guests !!! Tune into Majorly Talks !!!!

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February Theme : Let’s Talk Love

Guests for the Month

  • Riya Roy, Creator of The Nook e-newsletter.
  • Maj Kamlesh Mani, An army officer who helped Gawhaar (a specially abled Kashmiri Child) in regaining speech and hearing ability.
  • Lt Cdr Bijay Nair, An Armed Forces Veteran, a storyteller, marathoner and a writer.
  • Apurva Agarwal, a writer, editor , now a Book cafe owner.

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