Murphy’s Laws for Fountain Pen Lovers (Sunday Special with Vishal Singhi )

Warning : Strictly Humour Intended.

If there was a set of Murphy’s law for fountain pen users I think they would be

1. Just when I think I have got a good discount on a pen, someone shares a better deal. #for me who like to look for deals

2. The only pens I decided to give a pass many years ago are the ones most sought after today.

3. Just when I feel I have all blue inks in the world, there comes a new launch. #when it’s just not enough

4. The more expensive the pen, higher the probability of it falling nib down. #so true and painful

5. The choice of your grail is inversely proportional to size of your wallet.

6. “This one is my last purchase” somehow always turns into second last; and it goes on.

7. The ink will run out the day you will carry only one fountain pen

8. The more you like a pen and more you want it sooner, the longer the pen mail takes to reach you. #poor courier service – why does it happen to me always 😉

9. The pen for sale message on social media (for the pen you badly want) will come only when you are away from your phone for 15 mins.

10. The pen you want the most is the one that somebody just bought the last one.

11. Just when you give up bidding on eBay, the next bid is the winning bid. #i gave up on ebay

12. If you have money, you will not find the pen you are looking for and vice versa. #works every time

13. The speed at which the pen wants to come to you is inversely proportional to the how much you want it to come to you.

14. When a good pen comes, it’s always the wrong time of the month.

15. Just when you feel your particular model collection is complete, the brand will launch two new colours

#shall I blame lamy and twisbi for this?

16. Just when you realise you have majority pens with M nib, you start enjoying BB nibs.

17. Every time I have bargained , I lost the pen to someone else. And every time I didn’t, I overpaid.

18. 90% of the people with beautiful pens have bad handwriting.

#no offence just little humour

19. The more carefully I pack my inks for vacation, the higher the chances of spilling or breakage in transit.

20. The usage of the pen is inversely proportional to its price.

#did I just say too much

Note: This is just for some light humour and fun, no offence to anyone meant

Author: Mr Vishal Singhi, Founder, The India Pen Show. His activities can be reached at,+91 98203 97534 and .

Women’s Day Special Session

Write Boldly: Special Session for Women’s Day

Every word a woman

writes changes the story

of the world, revises the

official version.”

Carolyn See

Dear all, writing is an important activity essential which can strengthen our expression as well as intellect self simultaneously.

As a mark of gratitude and encouragement towards the contribution by each women including You of you’re one, I, Nithi CJ , an Army Veteran , now a Certified graphologist and fountain pen enthusiast bring to you this FREE master class for you!

The event will involve:-

  1. Introduction to why writing is important. 10 Mins
  2. Quick handwriting enhancement Tips. 20 mins
  3. How to build a sound writing routine. 20 mins
  4. Why and how to use Fountain Pens? 20 mins
  5. Question and Answers.20 mins

Do join and share with women and girls you know because it’s time you shine with your writing !!

To register please click on the link below

Write Boldly with Nithi CJ on 8 March 21

Sunday Special with Vishal Singhi Episode 3: The Visconti Divina

It is one of my favourites…

Visconti designed a fountain pen taking Insipiration from the golden number (phi) and the nautilus

The Golden number derived from the Fibonacci sequence (also known as golden ratio or phi/pi 1.618) was applied to this writing instrument , the relationship between the length of the cap and length of the pen (both open and close) respects the divine proportion ( probably this was the first time this logic was used in a writing instrument)

The really captivating feature of this pen is nautilus inspired spiral that beautifully envelops the pen.

The spiral is made of silver which is inlaid into the lucite made body of the pen (lucite is the purest or highest grade of resin)

Because of use of phi to design the pen (phi also called as divine proportion), the pen was named Divina.

Versions of Divina

1. The first one Divina black has been the best seller among the divina series which came in two sizes : midi and oversize.

2. Colours (blue, green, plum) were introduced in this model and were called divina excellence.

3. Limited editions in this model were very beautiful yet again made from celluloid, the divina desert spring and divina ‘divine proporzione‘.

4. A special divina black was released at G8 summit where president Barack Obama signed the G8 document with it.

Ink filling mechanism

Pull and Turn (as described by Visconti) is similar to a captive convertor.

Since these are modern production runs and some models still available, i am not putting a rarity quotient or collector quotient to it. However if you are someone who is fond of maths, science or Leonardo da Vinci, this pen is a recommended pen to be a part of one’s collection.

Kindly note this description is only for information and to the best of the Author’s knowledge.

Author: Mr Vishal Singhi, Founder, The India Pen Show. His activities can be reached at