About The Inq

The Inq is a venture by Major Nithi CJ wherein she uses handwriting analysis tools and writing practices for assistance in Personality Profiling, Personality Development, Relationship Guidance, Mindfulness practices, Professional counselling and life solutions.

What is handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting is as old as the human being himself. The structure of our handwriting is related to many factors, the pen, the posture of writing, the paper, and our subconscious mind too!! And the science of graphology precisely explores the human writing to define personalities and human behaviour. Graphology can assist an analyst in identifying the emotional quotient, the social behaviour ( with family, friends, nation and society), the intelligence quotient and even the hidden unknown desires of the subconscious self of any individual. Thus, our handwriting has the ability to bring out our subconscious thoughts, emotions and in short … behind the letters hides our true self!

The Inq Strategy

At the Inq, we aim to guide you, suggest you, help you, to map your life goals by helping you in self awareness and self growth, using non verbal behaviour analysis tools like graphology.

About The Inq Logo

The Inq Logo is a detailed digital designing and craftsmanship by Mr Sanket Wankede. Sanket is a digital illustrator and his exceptional skills have been acknowledged with awards including the first prize in World Tiger Day 2020 initiative by the World Wide Fund.The geometry and the nib combination is the abstraction of the human and circle depicts the magnifying glass , one of the instruments used in graphology. The middle for and the typography complement the design and connect the logo and the typed script. The Symbol goes with the USP of The Inq that is customised life coaching based on individual handwriting analysis. The symbols , the dot and the rays rising towards the circle show growth and improvement. The middle rectangle symbolizes the stroke of a nib from left to right indicating the goal of The Inq to facilitate assured progress to people in their goals through their handwriting.

Sanket can connected through email and call at sanketwakade77@gmail.com, 8793549970.

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