About Nithi CJ

This world is my muse. I am an inquisitive child of nature and I believe in preserving my experiences with this world through words and verses.. Stop and Awe.. life’s beautiful!!!

Humans love to communicate… we all ! We talk we share…Through love and care…I believe if my experiences turn as inspiration for at least one person …then I have achieved my purpose of presence..

Major Nithi CJ ( Retired)

Nithi CJ is an Army Veteran with 10 years of varied experience in dealing Human Resource in various dimensions. Now a Graphologist and the creator of her venture The Inq, she assists people with self assessment and personality enhancement through handwriting analysis. She’s also a passionate writer, a poet and a podcaster. This platform is a one point contact for all her initiatives.

The Inq Venture

Majorly Talks Podcast

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