The Short Service Officer (An ode)

Long time ago on a Saturday morning,
I pinned on my shoulders,
the stars shining,
I wore the lanyard of tradition,
the beret of duty,
without any inhibitions.

I knew no rights or wrongs,
just fulfilled a dream I longed.
I had no biases to colour me ,
Only the tricolours fluttering along.

10 yrs, 20, 30 ?? What do you choose? , they asked.
I said, “Why count years? Is loving your mother land a task?”
“See your responsibilities then you decide,”.
I choose my flag always, there’s no need to hide.

They said, Oh, so you must have been a rebel,
to leave at ten?
Yes, no one stops me from serving my nation.
Said some , What’s outside? Money and breaking rules?
Said others,”Oh, your CV is plain, what was your pay level?
I laughed, “Don’t stress my friend , You will not get it,
My experiences lie on silent mountains , I don’t wear these medals as a jewel.”
-Major Nithi CJ

8 responses to “The Short Service Officer (An ode)”

  1. Awesome Nithi! Brilliant and poignant.
    Can resonate with it so much, loved it!

    1. Thank you so much ma’am! Humbled! This means so

  2. Sqn Ldr Toolika Rani Avatar
    Sqn Ldr Toolika Rani

    Rightly said! With you in each emotion and expression here.

    1. Thank you so much ma’am! Humbled !!

  3. It’s Vivid and Concrete Ma’am.Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Excellent ma’am. Thank you for sharing such a worthy expression.

  5. Resonate with your emotions💯 !!!!

  6. Nithi, these words come out from the core of one’s heart, once their childhood aspiration is fulfilled and my felicitations to you for that. Nothing overpowers that sense of fulfillment for me even after 22 yrs of bidding bye to the olive greens. And mind you in my third professional innings as a Self Mastery & Manifestation Coach my take home is much more than the uniformed days. Best wishes for innings ahead!

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