Resonate with what you relate to…

When was the last you walked to the top of hill and screamed in the valley that lay below, only to find your voice as an echo?

Resonance is a very interesting phenomenon… if you read the concept you would realise. It’s more than just sound…

“It is defined as the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighbouring object.”

– Definition from the Internet

The interesting part is the synchronised vibration with the neighbouring object is not possible until both commensurate with each other..

In the world of virtual bonding , and the increasing desire for approval, we are somehow losing on connecting with people whom we relate to. Likes, dislikes in the virtual world may give momentary happiness but what about eternal solace?

“The one who socialises mindlessly , is the most lonely person.”

-Nithi CJ

With socialising becoming a trend more on our devices, we have forgotten to connect with anyone on an aim beyond few drinks and few bites. In just few minutes of any gathering, we see the dissipation of focus into individual handsets. What about the conversations and the connections you desire to create with the like minded?

It is important to select your company in such a manner… and express only to them who understand and relate; and are sensitive to your thoughts. Casual hangouts can only ‘hang’ you ‘out’ momentarily from your actual self, but the question is how long can you keep hanging?

Won’t it be better if you could resonate with someone whom you relate?

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    True. But finding such people sply on line is difficult

  2. Well written 👍

  3. Nicely written. Yes it is the present day truth. One is more bothered about the one whom one has neither met nor related. But the one who is right in front of the eyes, one who is close to the heart, holds no relevance. More importance is given to one who is linked virtually. Real togetherness has has become a thing of the past.

  4. Very nicely written. Togetherness these days have a virtual meaning. We need to change this, if not for us, at least for next Gen. Even in relations also the personal touch is missing. We need to get back the “Jadoo ki Jhappi”.

  5. Nithi I can expect this flow of words and context from you as you hold an expertise in not just one but multiple factets of life. The most interesting thing I realised is resonance is energy and not just sound.. You did break this at the the most atomic level..So much to learn and looking forward to more such.
    Success always

  6. Beautifuly expressed.
    The first company, therefore, one needs to chose is oneself; because One himself is the Ultimate and the Ultimate is comlete in itself.
    Having understood this in words, I practice regularly looking forward to realise it.

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