There is so much that the mere shape of your letters can reveal! Does this intrigue you? Well read on for more surprises.

When we talk of different shapes and sizes of handwritings it is explained further in this article

Small sized writing. The average size of a handwriting can be understood as one fitting between the top and bottom line of one row in a singled line notebook. Small sized writing are people who are focused on their goals but not a larger picture of things. They’re detail oriented and often experts in their own fields.

Large letters. These people are eccentric and contribute to society both through activities and financial contributions but this is focused with the purpose of being relevant in the society.

Very tiny letters. These people are humbled souls and their strength is their humility. But in truth they’re the people silently contributing to development of a society or nation building.

Round letters. These people are organised and cleanliness conscious. These people create very organised environments in both work and personal life.

Illegible overlapping letters. These people have stacked up to many things at once and this is the reason that they are often confused and decision making is difficult.

So which kind of a writer are you?

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Disclaimer no trait in isolation can be a deciding factor for an individual’s personality. Please don’t apply the knowledge sharing beyond self application as that needs deeper graphological assistance.