“Nithi you will be amazed my handwriting keeps changing!” This is has been the most common statement I have heard from people who interact with me on this subject. So today I thought to bust this myth. When we discuss traits they’re divided in two categories fixed and unfixed. Let me explain how these traits work with the example of comparing attitude vs aptitude.

Attitude vs Aptitude

Our subconscious thoughts are the foundation of our handwriting. Our day to day activities, observations , expressions , feelings that we experience in an activity/ moment. This keeps modulating depending how we deal situations. This ultimately forms what we call attitude. And thus, it’s an unfixed trait.

Aptitude on the other hand is derived from the genetic intelligence we are blessed with, the capabilities. It is the default system of our human self and thus, it is static, it won’t change . It is this potential of acquiring new skills that makes us unique from each other.

Traits in a Handwriting

The fixed traits like aptitude, remain constant in a handwriting. For example if an individual has the potential to grasp skills in a particular genre very well , that will be permanent. These potentials can be known to the individual. Many a times , when I do analysis , I have noticed, that my clients have been unaware of some of their potentials. And why this happens is best understood from the Johari Window concept which states that many of our truest potentials are unknown to us and known or unknown to people.

Attitude , on the other hand, will keep modulating based on what we feel about an activity/ task or situation. And thus, you may notice changes in your handwriting samples.

Aspects of Handwriting that change frequently

Some of the aspects in the handwriting that change are:-

• the slants of the handwriting (left, right and straight),

• the space between letters and words,

• the horizontal spacing between lines,

• the alignment of the paragraphs and,

• the alignment of the baseline of a sentence.

When to consult a graphologist?

In case you have noticed drastic changes in any of the following traits then , I suggest you consult a graphologist:-

• in the slants in your handwriting especially extreme left or right, or a mixture of both.

• haphazard spacings, especially extreme overlapping of letters both horizontally and vertically.

• frequently changing baselines.

So these are few tips on why your handwriting changes and if it is appearing to change frequently, what one should do ! Hope this article helps you in resolving your handwriting challenges!

Disclaimer: It is advised not to self assess the traits discussed in this article. These have been discussed in isolation and don’t give out the complete personality. It is advised to consult a certified graphologist in case of noticing the ambiguities mentioned. The views expressed are based purely on the author’s experiences.