The biggest myth that we all suffer from is that we must not write if we have a bad handwriting.

Let me ask you a question is here, you want to learn a new hobby , initially you fail, but soon you notice refinement in that. Why ? Because it’s your interest! You don’t get disheartened at initial failures. Then what happens with writing ? Is it lack of interest? Is it not wanting to break the inertia ? Or is it a mind block?

The benefits of writing has been evident is all spheres , creativity, art, professional development, personality enhancement. Do you think someone with a legible handwriting wrote the same way on the first day ??? No!!! They started just like you! But didn’t give up!

The beauty of your handwriting will not come if you keep thinking about it, the beauty of your handwriting will come when you lovingly accept it.

Tip for the day

• Write down what stops you from writing. • Think how can you overcome this. • Create a writing habit step by step, one at a time.

This small exercise is a good way to deal situations which are limiting yourself to take up any activity. Writing is a commitment to the self !

So be proud to be Unique!

Warm Regards,