Write Boldly: Special Session for Women’s Day

Every word a woman

writes changes the story

of the world, revises the

official version.”

Carolyn See

Dear all, writing is an important activity essential which can strengthen our expression as well as intellect self simultaneously.

As a mark of gratitude and encouragement towards the contribution by each women including You of you’re one, I, Nithi CJ , an Army Veteran , now a Certified graphologist and fountain pen enthusiast bring to you this FREE master class for you!

The event will involve:-

  1. Introduction to why writing is important. 10 Mins
  2. Quick handwriting enhancement Tips. 20 mins
  3. How to build a sound writing routine. 20 mins
  4. Why and how to use Fountain Pens? 20 mins
  5. Question and Answers.20 mins

Do join and share with women and girls you know because it’s time you shine with your writing !!

To register please click on the link below

Write Boldly with Nithi CJ on 8 March 21