What your Handwriting says about you?

An interesting live interaction wherein Simona Mates , Strategic Consultant queries about handwriting analysis.

Queries by Simona

How do you feel about handwriting ?
Do you ever write by hand anymore?
Do you hate to hand write?
Does it help you to remember?
Do you write for the therapy of it?
Do you use it often? Or never at all…?

Simona Says,” I am a handwriting LOVER! And I believe that it’s still vital and important and WORTH using our handwriting for lots of reasons!” Glad to have had this interesting conversation with her.

Connect with Simona Mates through Instagram https://instagram.com/simonamatesofficial?igshid=eue1zgoa1wv0

Watch the entire video here https://youtu.be/zRTtFxmnNt4

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