Whenever someone shows the desire to explore the fountain pen world, people pose me with this question. Can you suggest me a good pen ? And my answer is yes and no. Yes, because there are certain pens which have kind of worked for all but still it’s a very personal bond you create with.

I often refer to these lines by Mr. Zaim Kamal, the creative director of Mont Blanc (Luxury Pen Company), in one of his interviews on the writing instrument, where he states that the uniqueness doesn’t come from the Pen, It comes from the user, so each writing instrument is different, as each person uses it in a different way. He also adds that each writing instrument becomes more unique as the bond between the user and the instrument becomes closer each day until one day when your Pen uniquely defines you!

Listen to this candid and fun filled conversation where Dr Fountain Pen deciphers questions like What makes a Fountain pen good or bad ? How to combat being a penaddict or becoming penvious? Tips for those who want to explore fountain pen collection as a hobby and much more!!!

Join me in this interesting conversation with Dr Kochar, a surgeon by profession and a Fountain pen critic by passion.