This is a vote of thanks, yes , a thank you note to the most bizarre year of the decade. This decade was a decade of the most momentous changes in my life like any mid 30 woman of today.

The fulfilment of long sought dreams , the excitement of new opportunities, the gifts of efforts reaped into what one wanted from life.

The uniformed life, I lived (and not just spent) is something I never anticipated even one year before the decade began. And lo behold! Three months into the new decade I was an Army officer and four years in to the decade I was military spouse.

Fifth year into the decade I got an award and sixth year into the decade , transformed to a matured officer. Seventh year into the decade we fulfilled our many couple goals , eighth year into the decade we thought we may have new roles!

Ninth year into the decade came a decision point … choose or decide.. were both the options at this joint. And Tenth year into the decade, I shed my old skin , only to find a new me. And soon was hit by the viral calamity!!

Locked up wondered how would life be .. for us … for all… and for me? Well , then you told me 2020 me is not an option at all!! But my adamant version battled to see once for all !! I set on my exploration without any intention.

And 2020 said,” oh it’s, time for my intervention!”. The Virus, yes the Virus sneaked in to my home to steal my most precious jewel, my mom.

I battled and battled with wounds not to care for. I pulled happiness wherever I could from. Mom healed, healed bravely, thanks 2020. I got to break another taboo but had sent in plenty.

Things looked fine now… and we built our nest. But dear 2020 you said,” oh my lovely , how could you rest?” You brought an ordeal after another to make me learn swim. Minds , hearts all pained to its fullest but 2020 you didn’t rest. It’s just few hours more… to bid you adieu. I hope you play the miracle song …. Don’t leave things in a mess , take your dirt along…