Morning starts

with a crackling buzz,

Searching for the snooze,

I lazily rush.

“I am late again !!!”

says my usual gut.

Gobbling the breakfast on the table,

I look for my pen ,

stuffing my wallet with some roubles.

The ink is

a nice dark hue ,

A unique royal blue.

I struggle

with all my might,

To keep the flame alive,

Of the will to write.

The office…

a place a numerous activities ,

But still to me

a shade monotone.

Filled with people… yes

but inspiring ? None!

I wait watching the clock tick

till my work is done.

the Ante Meridian soon turns to Night,

nudging me harder

to write.

the sky turns ombré ,

and my eyes brighter.

the nib kisses the paper

with all its might,

Every single day

to keep up the flame,

The will to write…