Six o’clock , on a winter morning seems like eight if you have ever been in the northeastern part of India, and so is it in tiny tinseltown Tezpur.

My sleepy mortal braved to get ready for the yoga class. The rain had just stopped. It was a beautiful washed morning , the flora just beaming at you with full vigour.

The ride from my home to the class was a 20 minute one. And in this 20 minutes one could witness the varied hues of life just like a beautiful rainbow after a rain.

As I was still amidst my thoughts wandering in the surrounding beauty of a tropical morning, a vegetable truck just zipped past me and splashed the puddle water on few college girls who walked down to from their homes everyday. Beautifully clad in Mekhela Chaadar ( traditionally dress), the day appeared to be a special one. But the spoiler vegetable truck made these smiling faces frown with anger and dismay.

‘Thud thud thud’, I hated these triple bumpers on the T junction which met the highway , as they new exactly how to drain even the slightest remnants of sleep in my morning eyes.

Soon my eyes got dragged to the scenic greenery on both sides of the roads. The view was soon concealed by a convoy of military trucks disdainfully moving as slowly as possible to their destination. Sadly, this beautiful place is not unfamiliar to this routine. This place has learnt to coexist with martial presence.

A chariali means a crossroad in Assamese. And Mission Chariali was named so after the old and famous Mission Hospital in proximity to this crossroad. This crossroad is the busiest one in Tezpur city. Buses shuttled from remotest places through this route. And in the morning time, scores of people seeking the bus services choked this crossroad.

Vendors hovered around potential customers to begin their earning for the day. But the hurry of their customers was the enemy these vendors dreaded.

Thankfully I was in time for the class after braving all these hurdles of the morning hustle. And with a good workout this hustle bustle could be easily mentally conquered with yogic composure.