She was born in a land quite far,

Where couldn’t reach even the guiding North Star.

A sleepy Indian village amidst the Blue Hills.

Where people were rich but in old customs,

And accompanied many superstitions.

Where rules for girls were firmer,

And every adolescent girl was to be kept in The Corner!!

But she wandered like a bee ,

amongst a bed of flowers,

And lay there with dreamy eyes,

Like an anchored boat in the Sea.

And soon she ran tinkling her anklets,

Swaying her long black tresses,

And wearing all her colours ,

Whites, purples and pinks dyed as beautiful dresses.

Her chuckles were all around echoing,

That she is a free finch with beautiful dreams as wings.

But she had an unknown fear,

That soon she will be kept in the corner,

And that dreaded day alas came near.

She was scared to see herself bleed,

Wrapped in old cotton she was in the corner.

Twisting in pain yet her face was calmer,

Pondering was her mind,

Why wasn’t she running in the fields instead?

Came her life’s first friend,

“Mother!!” , she yelled.

Her ray of hope,

and answers to her queries unanswered.

“Yes, my Child!” And came a tight hug,

She eased her worries, as tightly she snugged.

And there on she said,

“You are my precious pea pod,

The sacred gift of God.

No power under this big blue sky,

Can scare you and not letting you fly.”

“You bleed not to be given pain ,

but to be made strong,

To prepare you for Motherhood,

When you mature into a Woman,

And trot the world around.”

“I know these customs may bind you today,

But sooner not later

No more will you remain in this Corner.

You will again Sway,

My little Girl!!

Soon you will be the Ship after a Successful Voyage,

Anchored triumphantly at the Bay…..”