(Tribute to our paratroopers who martyred on 06 April 2020)

And just when we thought nothing would go worse than this,
They fell like the leaves that give us shade,
By mesmerising us lesser mortals,
With patriotic bliss.

“ Look there are enemies, stay at home “,
“ Look there is disease, stay at home”,
“Look there is a calamity, stay at home”, they always said.
And still many of us chose to step out with our fancies,
And when they shielded us ,
we had not a drop of remorse instead.

The papers continued,
With the usual jing bang and money minded hustle.
And destiny left their loved ones with a life of uncertainty to jostle.

Their souls assured, “But don’t be sad dear people and our mother land!
We will for surely return”,
“ As one soldier breathes his last,
A soldier will be born again!”